Marketing Strategies in a World That’s Returning to Normal

Those in the world of marketing must constantly be on top of current trends. In the ever-changing landscape of digital, there is certainly a lot to keep up with.

2021 marketing strategies will be very much affected by a ‘return to normal now that the vaccine is here. Here are some things marketers should be aware of in the current year.

The Return of In-person Events

Coronavirus numbers are going down and that means the world is opening up for in-person events. But does that means saying goodbye to online meetings, webinars, and conferences? Probably not.

People are digging into the sustainability and convenience of online events, but they are not discounting the importance of face-to-face. Therefore, it’s likely that many events will be hybrid.

An example of a hybrid event can be a Livestream of an in-person event or an in-person event that includes digital elements or is linked to an event app.

Hybrid has its shares of positive and negative. While it brings meetings to more people while cutting down on travel, expenses, pollutants, and waste, it also involves more on the organizational end. Now administrators need to think about how to pull off two events at once.

While there is no clear solution at this point, it is believed that good, old-fashioned out-of-the-box thinking will help organizers overcome obstacles.

The Management of Workload for Marketers

A reduced number of COVID cases mean that many workers are returning to the office. At the same time, a lot of companies are saying that they are going to continue allowing employees to work from home. Both employers and workers are benefiting from a more flexible schedule and less time and money spent commuting.

Working from home is a preferred way of conducting business for many companies. However, it requires advanced tools that allow for facilitated communication. For marketers, an MWM (marketing work management platform) is becoming a necessity.

MWMs provide marketers with detailed reports concerning resources and work status. They are effective in the following capacities:

· Capturing orders, creating line items, and sharing order details with others

· Streamlining communications between team members and departments

· Offering a customizable dashboard for analytics, the optimization of marketing, and report creation

· Automating task delegation, data pull, report creation, and other duties

Experts predict that by 2023, 60% of all marketing teams will use an MWM platform for all their operations. It will be considered a necessary and primary tool.

Increased Need for User Generated Content

The pandemic has made it more essential for businesses to leverage User Generated Content (UGC) to increase brand awareness and drive conversions. UGC is any sort of content submitted by users and may include reviews, hashtag contests, user-generated videos, gamification with results posted on social media, and testimonials.

UGC is useful because it lets other consumers know what people are feeling and experiencing when they try a product. It takes away the ‘salesy’ aspect and provides a more authentic view of how the product can add value. It is also appealing to retailers who are more likely to partner with businesses with a big UGC presence.

The UGC trend is linked to the increased use of social media in the purchasing process. Many brands have exported their product pages to social media to make buying activity quicker and easier. Now consumers can buy directly through social media links rather than having to visit the company website.

Brands are working that angle by releasing more UGC on their socials including tagged posts (primarily video) of customers documenting their experience with their products. This is leading more people to the business pages where they can connect with the company and make purchases.


The coronavirus has done a lot of damage, but there are some silver linings. It has made for increased reliance on online platforms. In doing so, it has paved the way for more efficient virtual tools that are convenient, cost-effective, and sustainable. It has also brought new, creative ways for businesses to connect with customers.

Marketers should be getting onboard by familiarizing themselves with the latest online tools and strategies. This will lead to a boost for their businesses and an increase in their clients’ success.

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