Is Digital Marketing Messaging the Way of the Future?

Digital marketing may be the most effective way to reach your target audience and trends are changing all the time. Lately, messaging has been taking over. People want a personalized experience and what better way to provide that than by sending valuable messages directly to their cellphones and accounts?

But just like every aspect of digital marketing, the messaging landscape is constantly updating. Read on to find out what the new generation of consumers is looking for in their messaging experience.

How Effective is Messaging?

Studies show that 40% of millennials and Gen-Xers used messaging to make first-time connections with brands in 2020. 20% of consumers that fell into the ‘baby boomer and over’ category also jumped on the bandwagon.

Although messaging was a growing trend before 2020, social distancing measures of the pandemic caused an unprecedented increase in its effectiveness in the digital marketing space. Now customers are expecting companies to have messaging capabilities as a given.

Messaging can be used to reach out to consumers about new products and discounts, but it can also serve as a customer service chatting interface. Within this application, some amount of automation is expected. However, it can be taken to a more personalized level with video and chat features as well as rich data centers that can provide extensive information.

Customer service can also be boosted as representatives will be able to deal with multiple texts at once. This makes for an increase in efficiency in comparison to phone calls that can only be handled one at a time.

When measuring KPIs and ROI’s, businesses are advised to consider both top-of-the-funnel metrics, such as open and click rates as well as lower funnel analytics that relate to long-term engagement and loyalty. It has been found that messaging helps boost short- and long-term success rates.

Messaging Trends to Watch in 2021

As messaging becomes more widely used, marketers are becoming more familiar with what people are looking for and updating their strategies accordingly. Experts are predicting SMS to be a preferred way to reach out.

SMS stands for Short Message Service with a single text limited to 160 characters with spaces. It is being integrated with other techniques to increase conversions in 2021 in the following ways.

Integrates with Other Channels

In the past, SMS was commonly used as a standalone way to reach consumers but in 2021, businesses are incorporating it with other marketing channels. Here are some examples of what we can expect.

· Text message emails

· Email and SMS promo combinations

· Combined SMS and social media marketing

More Personalization

Messaging is a personalized way to reach customers, but businesses are expected to do even more to provide a customized experience. They can use their data to determine the customer’s location, age, gender, and personal tastes. They apply that data to send messages about products that are most appealing to the recipient and deliver them during optimal hours of the day.

SMS and B2B

Messaging is being more widely adopted in the B2B space. This is a two-way street. Marketers are using messaging as a convenient way to reach B2B customers during the workday while 61% of potential clients are asking businesses to text them at work.

Ways to Improve Messaging

If you currently use messaging to reach your target audience, there are ways to improve and update to make your communications clearer and more effective. Here are some suggestions.

Speak Their Language

We already discussed how important it is to send messages that advertise products and provide information you know will interest your target audience. But it’s also vital to talk to them in their language.

Obviously, if you try too hard to be hip (or whatever it is the young people are saying) it could be a bit cringeworthy. At the same time, you can use a fun and casual voice that will be relatable and engaging.

Be Clear

It is easy for written messages to get lost in translation. Keep text simple so there is no room for misinterpretation. Take a second look at all communications being sent out to ensure they are easy to read and free of grammatical errors.

Leave Room for Feedback

You won’t want your communications to be one-sided. In addition to providing customer service via messaging, you should also ask for feedback on a regular basis. Send links to surveys or allow customers to provide responses about their experiences. This will give them a chance to share their opinion and it provides businesses with valuable suggestions for improvement and growth.


Messaging is expected to be the new wave in digital marketing. Businesses can improve their strategies with increased personalization, terrific customer service, effective communications, and omnichannel integration. This will keep them on top of the latest trends helping them to boost leads and conversions.

How will you be updating your digital marketing strategies to stay on top of the competition?

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