COVID-19 has changed a lot of things for businesses-namely the security they felt with in-person sales. After the disruption of the global pandemic, brands that weren’t interested in developing their digital presence found it was a necessity.

Ameel Sajjad is a marketing consultant based in Dubai who helps clients all over the world improve their strategies for digital growth and keep up with current marketing trends. He offers tips and insights that brands should be pursuing for 2021.

Ameel Sajjad Stresses Accuracy Online

One major issue brands ran into during the pandemic…

We’ve all heard of SEO…but SEM?

SEM is Search Engine Marketing. It is a form of marketing that involves the promotion of websites. It increases search engine rankings primarily through paid marketing.

Every year brings new technology to the marketing space and SEM is no exception. Here are some trends businesses need to be aware of.


Ameel Sajjad

Dubai | Ameel Sajjad Consulting | PPC | SEO | Digital Marketing

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