Those in the world of marketing must constantly be on top of current trends. In the ever-changing landscape of digital, there is certainly a lot to keep up with.

2021 marketing strategies will be very much affected by a ‘return to normal now that the vaccine is here. Here are some things marketers should be aware of in the current year.

The Return of In-person Events

Coronavirus numbers are going down and that means the world is opening up for in-person events. But does that means saying goodbye to online meetings, webinars, and conferences? Probably not.

People are digging into the sustainability and convenience of…

As a leading digital marketing consultant in Dubai, Ameel Sajjad makes it his mission to educate everyone on how to build interest in their brands. While operating as Ameel Sajjad Consulting, he works with small to large businesses, helping everyone learn how to promote their products and services like the experts. In order to do that, he keeps his ear to the ground, always taking the time to learn the latest marketing insights. With that, he can provide his clients with effective tips and tricks to use in their own ads and more. …

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things for businesses-namely the security they felt with in-person sales. After the disruption of the global pandemic, brands that weren’t interested in developing their digital presence found it was a necessity.

Ameel Sajjad is a marketing consultant based in Dubai who helps clients all over the world improve their strategies for digital growth and keep up with current marketing trends. He offers tips and insights that brands should be pursuing for 2021.

Ameel Sajjad Stresses Accuracy Online

One major issue brands ran into during the pandemic was keeping their sites accurate and up-to-date. With changing store hours, policies, and stocking issues, brands sometimes failed to make changes known on their website and public listings.

Ameel Sajjad stresses that accuracy online is important for a solid brand reputation.

Brands have to have a committed professional or team…

Digital marketing may be the most effective way to reach your target audience and trends are changing all the time. Lately, messaging has been taking over. People want a personalized experience and what better way to provide that than by sending valuable messages directly to their cellphones and accounts?

But just like every aspect of digital marketing, the messaging landscape is constantly updating. Read on to find out what the new generation of consumers is looking for in their messaging experience.

How Effective is Messaging?

Studies show that 40% of millennials and Gen-Xers used messaging to make first-time connections with brands in 2020. …

There is no doubt that the internet is one of the most effective vehicles for B2C advertising. While there are many ways to reach customers through virtual means, display ads are among the most notable.

Display advertising includes any type of graphic advertising that appears on the internet. It may show up on social media or random web pages and it comes in a variety of formats including flash, video, audio and text. The highly visual format makes it a favorite for businesses and marketing teams.

As we move to the future, we can expect display advertising to grow in…

E-commerce is huge. If you are in the retail industry and you aren’t integrating technology in your sales and advertising, you’re missing out on money-making opportunities.

Because retail and technology are so well integrated, new trends and platforms are constantly developing. Here are some updates every retail company should be aware of.

Technology Keeping Retail Alive in the Midst of the Pandemic

There is no doubt that technology has played a vital role in the survival of many retail companies during the pandemic. …

We’ve all heard of SEO…but SEM?

SEM is Search Engine Marketing. It is a form of marketing that involves the promotion of websites. It increases search engine rankings primarily through paid marketing.

Every year brings new technology to the marketing space and SEM is no exception. Here are some trends businesses need to be aware of.


PPC and SEM go hand in hand. This internet advertising model involves an advertiser paying a publisher when an ad is clicked, and it is instrumental in boosting a website’s search engine visibility.

Those who want to use PPC to its best advantage must be on top of the current…

Analytics plays a key role in digital marketing. It helps marketers determine which of their strategies are paying off and what’s not doing so well. It provides them with information that allows them to improve their campaigns and reach more customers.

Technology is constantly advancing to make analytics smarter, more helpful, and easier to work with. Recently, call tracking in particular has been responsible for boosting conversions and helping marketers optimize campaigns making it a key focus for businesses and tech companies alike. …

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It seems as if the world is becoming more socially conscious every day. In the past few years, social media sites have gone from being a cool way to connect with friends to a hotbed of political activity.

As a result, businesses who advertise on social media are becoming more conscious of the effects of their ads based on where and when they are placed. Let’s take a look at how recent events will change Facebook marketing trends.

Pausing Ads in Times of Social Unrest

When considering social media digital marketing, the most direct ’cause and effect’ response may have come about during the storming of the…

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A new year is upon us and that means new trends in digital marketing.

Digital marketing remains one of the most effective, if not the most effective way to market a brand, product, or service. But with new technology emerging every day, it’s important to keep up so you can stay on top of your competition.

This article will take a look at marketing trends for 2021 so you can decide what direction you want to take your strategies in for the new year.

Be Smart About Using PPC

PPC or Pay Per Click is an advertising tool in which an advertiser pays a publisher…

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